Your Wounds Are Portals To The Divine

What if your wounds were a portal into yourself…a portal to creator? What if all of your pain, struggles, and sufferings were not a mistake, but part of a larger purpose? What if they were all opportunities and gateways for your growth?

The way we choose to see situations effects how we live. Are we living as victims, or victors? Have you given into a story that keeps you small, weak, and vulnerable?

What if I told you that you could choose a different story? What if I toldyou that you could choose a story where you are strong, courageous, and with a spirit so large nothing intimidates you?

If I told you that you had a choice, would you believe me? Which story would you choose?

If you are exhausted by the sad story you have been living in, and you are ready to create a story that excites and empowers you, then private message me. The light is simply waiting for your permission to shine through you. You are worthy.

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