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rediscover your sacred wild self

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Rediscover Your Sacred Wild Self

Do you remember when laughter and play came easy?

Do you remember when you cared more about expressing yourself rather than what others thought of you?

Do you remember when your rhythms and desires were driven from within rather than from a clock or social expectations?

Let’s go there.


What is the sacred wild self? Let’s first explore what it means to be sacred.

When something is sacred it is from the divine and worthy of veneration. The path to rediscovering our sacred selves has to do with forging a deep connection with creator/source/the divine. Through this connection to source we walk taller, speak with integrity and bravery, and trust in the process of all that we create. Through this process we develop a strong self-esteem, and realize our worth. From this knowledge we bring forth the highest and best to the world.

What do I mean by wild? What does the word “wild” conjure in your mind? Some may associate the term with having no direction, being out of control, or complete freedom. For me, the term means being free of domestication. In the book “The Four Agreements” Don Miguel Ruiz describes domestication as the indoctrination into the word of other people’ beliefs. He goes on to say that “a wild man or woman knows who they are and is too busy being their true self to pay attention to the limiting beliefs of the  world around them.” This is what I mean by wild. If you want to run, you run. If you want to laugh, you laugh. If you want to wear a bright outfit with bells and ribbons, you wear that because you are not controlled by the ideas of propriety others hold. You are guided by your heart, and your natural intuition.

When we rediscover our sacred wild selves we embrace the fullness of who we are. We are proud because we know we are worthy of love and all things good. We step into our integrity and no other person can sway us from who we know ourselves to be. We honor the divine within ourselves and others. We express ourselves with confidence and passion. We become strong, beautiful, wise, and empowered. As we step more fully into the identity of our sacred wild selves we raise our vibration, and the vibration of the world.

Sacred Wild Blessings,

Suzette Winona Summers

Some Offerings (click here for more offerings)

Let the Self Be in Bliss

Resonant Healing Mind/Body/Spirit: In Office Sessions

Intuitive Massage:

I began practicing massage in 1997. I took a break from practicing while my children were young, but began again in 2015. I have been in my current office since 2019. My style of massage is a combination of intuitive, and deep tissue. My aim is to find resonance with my clients and perceive what is needed for them to restore homeostasis, feel rejuvenated, and cared for.

Biodynamic Cranialsacral (Touch of Presence):

I have trained under Giorgia Milne, and practice being with what is. This style of craniosacral work is non-invasive and is counter to a medical model that follows a diagnosis/treatment model. Instead, this practice opens to “The Breath of Life” trusting one’s own inner wisdom to open and expand into fullness. 

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Shamanic Healing Sessions:

As a Certified Artist of the Spirit Coach I have been trained by Diana Derr Adkins along with HeatherAsh Amara (both apprenticed under Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements). In these Shamanic Healing Sessions, I journey with clients as they explore energetic blocks in their body, and gently guide them through a process of releasing these blocks, and transmuting these energies into medicines they can carry with them along their healing journey. 

Ecstatic Dance Journeys

Ecstatic Dance Journeys are community events intended to facilitate a deep dive into layers of consciousness through curated music, ceremony, movement, and vocal expression.

Each session begins by weaving sacred space through ceremony (painting faces, calling in the four directions, prayer), and each participant is invite to explore the fullest depth of their consciousness through surrendering to the movements of their body to the music. 

This is not a performance. Participants are invited to soften their gaze, perhaps beginning to dance with their eyes closed. The music begins slow, and gradually peaks in a place of chaos where participants are invited to allow energies to alchemize and shift. Slowly and gently the music lands us in a loving community ready to receive new found insights.

Similar to a shamanic journey, participants are encouraged to be guided by their consciousness and awakened to what desires to be revealed under the surface.

Participants are encouraged to bring water bottles (as we often sweat!), and wear comfortable clothes. Full expression is encouraged and sometimes that looks like rolling on the floor, stomping feet, laughing, cryings, yelling, and using the body as a percussive instrument. Various sacred herbs(sage, palo santo) and resins (copal, benzoin, dragon’s blood) are often burned. 


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Heart-Centered Talking Circles

The world is full of uncertainty and inconsistencies right now and we all need to learn to anchor into authentic community in order to thrive through this trying time. My heart is guiding me to offer as many Heart-Centered Talking Circles as I can in order to guide people into the value of emotional intimacy and genuine collective healing. Please join me. You are worthy.

In these circles, we collective weave sacred space, co-regulate with one another, relax into our bodies, drop into our heart space, and share our unique authentic truths, listen with open hearts, and connect deeply. We heal together.



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