Stepping Onto The Path Of Rediscovery

Calling In Your Sacred Wild Self

inhale the future, exhale the past


I offer these sacred creations from my heart. The intention of each is to guide you back to the source of all creation… back to your Sacred Wild Self.

Sacred Wild

Ecstatic Dance Journey

Facilitator Training

What You Can Expect To Gain From This Certification Course?

  • Develop a deeper more integrated spiritual practice
  • Confidence in organizing, weaving, and facilitating Ecstatic Dance Journeys
  • Resources and confidence in curating a set list that moves participants through an Ecstatic Dance Journey in a graceful, soulful way
  • Develop the ability to subtly guide a group energetically and verbally
  • Understand the history, lineage, and purpose of ecstatic dance
  • Learn and grow in a supportive and encouraging community
  • Gain confidence in your intuitive abilities
  • 12 week course, Zoom meetings, community sharing, personal mentoring, and more

How Is This Course Different From Others?

  • This Certificate Training Program emphasizes personal spiritual development as the foundation of a successful competent Ecstatic Dance Facilitator and Circle Weaver
  • Intimate personal mentoring to empower you in developing confidence in your position as a leader, organizer, and ceremonialist
  • Emphasis on personal spiritual development
  • Begin facilitating ecstatic dance journeys and weaving sacred space while in the course
  • In-person capstone Ecstatic Dance Journey and Certification Ceremony

What We Will Cover In The Course:

Week 1: History and Lineage of Ecstatic Dance; Shamanism

Week 2: Four Directions/ Seven Directions

Week 3: Energy, Intuition, Attunement, and Boundaries

Week 4: Intention, Values, and Ethics of Ecstatic Dance

Week 5: Designing a Set List

Week 6: Honoring and Creating Sacred Space

Week 7: Movement Lexicon: Body Exploration, Nervous System Regulation, Breath is The First Medicine; Trauma Informed Concerns and Guidlines

Week 8: Creating a Flow: Designing The Dance Agenda

Week 9: Intimacy, Vulnerability, and Barriers

Week 10: Exploring Fears and Apprehension / Imposter Syndrome

Week 11: Building Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Week 12: Sharing, Integration, Expansion

What Else?

  • Weekly Zoom meetings
  • Group chat / Community board
  • One-On-One meetings with me to check in, offer support, guidance, and encouragement.
  • Curated Set Lists and music to use
  • Supplemental reading assignments for personal spiritual development

Altar-ed: A Workshop On The Creation of the Sacred

Create a Sacred Altar through Ceremony and Intention

Celebrate Summer Solstice in ceremony and creation.
Wednesday, June 21, 2023 from 6pm-9pm at The Bungalow 1515 Payne St. Louisville, KY

Altars are a symbolic and literal meeting place for us to encounter and commune with the Divine.

In this three-hour workshop we will create an altar from a disk of White Oak. This ceremony will include a shamanic journey with the spirit of White Oak, meditation, intention setting, anointing and honoring the life of the White Oak and its transition into your personal altar, discussion about the uses of altars, and the sharing of some snacks.
It has been suggested that the oak tree in Celtic tradition was seen as a “door” or portal into other realms because the Celtic word for oak is “duir” meaning door. The White Oak in particular is associated with innocence and well-being.
Consider bringing sacred objects to place on your altar. Suggestions: incense, incense holder, crystals, stones, flowers, bells, notes, and any other sacred objects that are meaningful to you.
The White Oak disks are thanks to Limbwalker Tree Service, and Mother Earth. We honor and give thanks to the life of this tree, and continue our reverence by creating altars on the auspicious day of Summer Solstice.

This workshop is limited to 8 participants and pre-registration is required.
Investment: $111 or Early Bird Discount of $88.88. Simply use Coupon Code: EARLYBIRD before June 9.

Let’s get ALTAR-ED together!!! 💖🙏🏽💖

Register here:


Resonant Healing Mind/Body/Spirit

Intuitive Massage

My style of massage is a combination of intuitive, deep tissue, and energetic healing. My aim is to find resonance with my clients and perceive what is needed for them to restore homeostasis, feel rejuvenated, nurtured, and nourished.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Touch (Touch of Presence)

Trained by Giorgia Milne this biodynamic craniosacral healing form is described as Touch of Presence. Non-invasive and counter to the medical model that follows a diagnosis/treatment paradigm, this practice opens to “The Breath of Life” trusting one’s own inner wisdom to create space that allows for expansion and healing to follow.

Shamanic Healing

As a Certified Artist of the Spirit Coach, I have been trained by Diana Derr Adkins along with HeatherAsh Amara (both apprentices of Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements). In these Shamanic Healing Session, I journey with clients as they explore energetic blocks in their body, gently guide them through a process of releasing these blocks, and transmuting these energies into medicines they can carry with them along their healing journey.

Ecstatic Dance Journeys

Ecstatic Dance Journeys are community events intended to facilitate a deep dive into layers of consciousness through curated music, ceremony, movement, and vocal expression.

Each session begins by weaving sacred space through ceremony (painting faces, calling in the four directions, prayer), and each participant is invited to explore the fullest depths of their consciousness through surrendering to the movements of their body to the music. Various sacred herbs (sage, palo Santo), and resins (dragon’s blood, copal, benzoin) are burned, and oracle cards and instruments are surrounding the altar if one feels inspired to use them.

This is not performative. It IS experiential. Participants are invited to soften their gaze, perhaps beginning to dance  with their eyes closed. The music begins slow, and gradually peaks in a place of chaos where participants are invited to allow energies to alchemize and shift. Slowly, and gently, the music lands us in a loving community ready to receive new found insights.

Similar to a shamanic journey, participants are encouraged to be guided by their unfolding consciousness and awakened to that which desires to be revealed from under the surface.

Participants are encouraged to bring water bottles (as we often sweat), and wear comfortable clothes. Full expression is encouraged and sometimes that looks like rolling on the floor, stomping feet, shaking, laughing, crying, yelling, and using the body as a percussive instrument.

Heart Centered Talking Circles

The world is full of uncertainty and inconsistencies right now. We all need to learn to anchor into authentic community in order to thrive through this trying time. My heart is guiding me to offer as many Heart Centered Talking Circles as I can in order to guide people into the value of emotional intimacy and genuine collective healing.

In these circles, we collectively weave sacred space, co-regulate with one another, relax into our bodies, drop into our heart space, and share our unique authentic truths, listen with open hearts, and connect deeply with one another. We heal together.

Other Offerings

One-On-One Coaching Session

One-On-One Coaching Session

The one-on-one 60 minute single session is designed for the person needing space to be held for a specific acute event. If you are wanting to work through a more chronic problem where multiple sessions are anticipated, the coaching package is suggested.

Ceremony Session

Ceremony Session

I will create a individualized ceremony for you, weaving the creation of sacred space, sacred objects, shamanic journeying, prayers, and songs. Every ceremony session is uniquely created for the individual and circumstance of the client.

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