My Journey

A Medicine Path

Responsibility Intention Surrender Exploration

The Spiral Journey: We Return Again, and Again

Walking through fire we gain strength, compassion, and a deeper understanding. There are rich truths nestled in the darkness that long to be explored, brought to the surface, examined, and healed. Both the light and the darkness are valuable. The journey of integration continues…

After almost 10 years of marriage to a man who was on a self destructive path, and having given myself fully to the beautiful, selfless role of mothering, I found myself in my mid-thirties no longer recognizing, nor respecting, the woman I saw in the mirror. Of course, people change over the years, but the person I had become had lost her fire, her laughter, her enchantment with life. From an early age I had been cultivating a deep connection with the divine, practicing meditation, yoga, and energy work, and suddenly I found myself out of touch. Years of slowly abandoning the truth of my heart left me feeling lost, alone, and scared.

Through rigorous honesty, a tribe who held me in love, exploring different creative outlets, and spiritual guidance, I began the journey back to my sacred wild self–the self who laughed easily, took risks, and remembered the joy in play. This rediscovery brought me independence, confidence, and a freedom built on the love of my own unique self.

I am a healer, an artist, a life coach, and a ritual maker. I have studied with shamanic practitioners, created sacred circles, done deep inner work, and continue to learn about myself and my roles on this infinite spiral journey. My experiences are rich, humbling, messy, and enlightening, and I long to share what I have learned with you. It is my joy, my honor, and my mission, to serve as your guide back to your Sacred Wild Self.

Surrounding You In Endless Love, Compassion, and Blessings,

Suzette Winona Summers