What People Are Saying

The Vibration Of The Container

A Safe Container Allows For Deeper Opening

I honor each client’s process as a sacred journey. It is my mission to serve my clients with an open heart. This is a part of the medicine I bring to the healing of the world. Each path to now is unique, and I am committed to walking with you as you return to your sacred wild self.

“Suzette helped me by holding a sacred place for to me work on changing the wiring in my brain and the way I viewed myself. She helped empower me as she honored me while I released things that no longer served my highest and greatest good…Thanks to Suzette when I feel myself falling prey to the old habits I have the tools to release them. She helped me learn that I deserve more. That I am more. That I am of the divine and that I am divine! If you need someone to hold a space for you, show you compassion and love while you expand, and honor your path while you move forward, then Suzette is for you. She is a truly divine soul.” ~April W.


“I’ve never had anyone (another woman) lead me like this into beginning a transformation.” ~Amy S.


“Thank you for introducing me to circle, the Goddess, the Feminine, and why it is so important this day and age. It has changed my life and helped me to realize my life purpose. I’m eternally grateful to you.” ~ Mary F.


“Thank you so much for helping me to find my path to where I can be creative, and pleasant, and comfortable…I often describe you as a powerful medicine woman.” ~Jenny S.


“I really enjoyed my PUSSY POWER!!! experience. Was so good to take time to truly empower my yoni and myself, especially in a sacred circle of women. I was a little nervous at first, but quickly got comfortable as we explored, going deep, but having fun and being playful with it. Recommend for any woman and girls, too–wish I woulda done this as a youngun!” ~Arielle C. on the “For The Love Of Pussy Power” Workshop



“I absolutely loved this workshop. I knew in my head that knowing my parts and connecting to them better would be good. I didn’t expect the tenderness I felt for my Pussy and for myself too. She is so delicate and cute. She is like an exotic orchid wrapped in a sweet fuzzy Pokémons. Thank you for the experience. I will always treasure these feelings of self-adoration.” ~Willow T. on the “For The Love Of Pussy Power” Workshop



Rediscover Your Sacred Wild Self Course

Rediscover Your Sacred Wild Self Course

This 12 week program will provide a pathway to rediscovering your sacred wild self. You will create a deeper connection with the divine, practice radical honesty, be empowered to take full responsibility for your life, experience three 1-2 hour coaching sessions throughout the course, find a deeper connection to yourself, reconnect with your sense of fun, magic, and wonder, and learn to embrace the joy which is your birthright.