Suzette Winona Summers (Suzy Hawkfire) began her conscious spiritual journey in her early teens—meditating, working with energy, prayer, and visualizations. Her experience is vast and unique. Traveling throughout the United States in her early twenties she participated in circles, ceremonies, and celebrations from various cultures. She was a massage therapist in her mid twenties, and from there devoted herself to mothering. In her thirties she completed her B.A. and M.A. in English. Suzette is a Certified Artist of the Spirit Spiritual & Energetic Life Coach, shamanic practitioner, artist, writer, circle weaver, and mother. It is her passion to empower women to rediscover their sacred wild selves, and in this way she contributes to raising the vibration of the planet.


In this 12-week program you will: 

  • Develop new habits and behaviors that will challenge you to expand, and aid you in transforming your life
  • Learn techniques that will connect you to your deepest self and your higher power
  • Develop an in intimate, trusting, enduring relationship with your deepest self
  • Journey to the past to uncover, release, and reprogram energetic and emotional energy which blocks your success
  • Learn to use your voice to speak your truth, and ask for what you need
  • Be encouraged, and supported to love yourself and re-member your self-worth in deeper, more profound ways
  • Learn to create healthy boundaries, and maintain them even when challenged
  • Develop a relationship with your spirit guides, power animals, angels, or helping spirits
  • Rediscover your sacred wild self (Spirit, Mind, Body) through the framework of the Medicine Wheel

What you receive: 

  • 12 online modules 
  • Each module contains 2-3 videos (plus meditations, pdfs, etc.)
  • Weekly check-in calls
  • 12, one-on-one coaching calls
  • Unlimited email access to your coach
  • Guidance, and encouragement from a trained, Artist of the Spirit Certified Energetic & Spiritual Life Coach



Part 1 (Weeks 1-4)

During these 4 weeks you will explore your relationship with Spirit. Exploring your beliefs about the Divine/God/Goddess, and surrendering deeper into a living thriving relationship with Source.: 

              • Week 1: Begin anchoring into Source/God–creating a foundation with the Divine. Grounding.
              • Week 2: Explore your relationship with Source/God and explore the unheard parts of yourself seeking attention, love, guidance, and support.
              • Week 3: Explore and Transform past experiences that have been holding you back from the life you desire.
              • Week 4: Develop a deeper, trusting relationship with source. 

Part 2 (Weeks 5-8)

During these four weeks you will explore your relationship with Mind. You will devote this time to becoming conscious of your thoughts and developing practices to keep you in a “thrive mindset.” : 

              • Week 5: Explore your relationship with your thoughts and develop clearing practices for your mind. 
              • Week 6: Explore becoming conscious of your thoughts and words. 
              • Week 7: Transform your thoughts and words. 
              • Week 8: Reflecting on, and practicing mind shifting tools.

Part 3 (Weeks 9-12)

During these 4 weeks you will explore your relationship with Body. Having been practicing becoming more present in your body from week 1, you will now be stepping more confidently and fully into your body.: 

              • Week 9: Explore your relationship with yourself, explore nurturing, and identify boundaries.
              • Week 10: Explore your voice. Speaking truth, opening throat chakra. 
              • Week 11: Step into your inner fire, sensuality, creativity, and expression.  
              • Week 12: Embracing Your Sacred Wild Self Celebration!