How Do You Feel About The Idea of Surrender?

I’ve known many people in my life that have revolted against the word surrender. Every time I am profoundly perplexed because I experience so much comfort in the practice of surrender.

When I ask those people why they are opposed to that word, it usually has something to do with an image of defeat. It says a lot about our culture.

For me surrender is incredibly powerful for two reasons.

First, it means that you are courageous enough to realize that you are willing to change and release old ideas, thoughts and outcomes despite your fear.

And second, it means that you have such a deep trust in a creator/god/goddess/higher power that you know it is safe to let go, and trust that you will be guided without having to hold on so tightly.

When you look around at the natural world you see the power of surrender play out every day. The buds surrender to the light of the sun and open. The seeds surrender to the moist darkness of the soil and break open. Fledglings surrender to the sky and learn to strengthen their wings and fly.

With each breath we exhale we have the opportunity to surrender more deeply into the moment… into our bodies. Try it. Breathe deeply and surrender into your body. It is a delicious experience.

Surrender has a way of opening us up to possibilities and opportunities we didn’t even know existed. Love you.

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