Do You Doubt You?

Do you doubt your abilities? Do you doubt your value? Do you doubt your importance in the world?

I get you. I’ve been there.

And to be completely honest, sometimes my mind still ventures into that dangerous thought neighborhood. The difference today is, I don’t live there, and I know the path to return me home to the truth of who and what I am.

If you don’t know who you are, then it is difficult to return to a loving center.

It’s like knowing you have a home, but not knowing the address. You run up to everyone you know asking them if they know who you are… asking them where you live… asking them to bring you home. Can you imagine how you would feel if someone came up to you and asked you that?

Crazy, right?

But we have done this in romantic relationships, friendships, and sometimes even with complete strangers. We look for validation. We look for approval. We look for someone to tell us we are enough. And even if they tell us these things, we don’t believe them. All the outside praise we receive is never good enough because the approval we are really seeking is our own approval.

No one else can bring you home.

While that journey is for your feet alone, another can guide you back to yourself. Through inquiry, meditation, prayer, and other practices you can re-member your way home to yourself. You can re-member who you are.

Once you know the way home to yourself, then even if you stumble into the darkness from time to time, you can still find your way back.

It is our sacred wild self that knows we can accomplish our goals, knows our value, and knows our importance in the healing of the world. The journey back to our sacred wild self takes commitment, radical honesty, and courage.

Are you ready to take that journey?

If you are sick and tired of doubting yourself in myriad ways, and are ready to reclaim your inherent power, then private message me so we can see if you are a good fit for my program. Blessings.

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