Are You Ready To Brave Self-Discovery?

We say we want to live a vibrant life. We say that we are tired of repeating the same behaviors. We say that our suffering and anguish is unbearable. And still we shy away from real solutions.

Many of us focus on our last toxic relationship as the place where we lost ourselves. When we look back over our lives though, we see that we have repeated similar stories/situations with different people over and over again.

What is the common denominator in all of these situations?


I say that, not to shame you, but to speak the truth you know in your heart. We not only attract toxic people into our lives, we are also attracted to them.

Why? Why don’t we walk away as soon as we sense something is off?
The answer to this question exists in the heart of your unique story. You know, the one you tell yourself over, and over again, so often that you forget it is a story of the past, and so repeat it again, and again. The one you tell yourself in a million different ways. The “I’m broken” story.

Holding onto your story perpetuates a slow, constant, repetitive suffering. It feels safe because it’s familiar.

If you’re honest, you’ll admit that releasing that story is terrifying because it serves a purpose. It is the reason why you can’t take risks… why you can’t speak up for yourself… why you can’t be successful…why you can’t… there are a million different endings to follow the “can’t.”

When the dull suffering of living an unconscious life has become unbearable, and your are ready to stop telling that story that keeps you tired, anxious, and overwhelmed, then you will be ready to begin the radically honest journey of self-discovery.

If you are ready to delve into the self-exploratory process, claim a life full of joy, abundance, and vibrance, but don’t know where to begin, then private message me to set up a discovery call. We can explore where you are, and whether you are a good fit for my program. I have traveled that road, and I know the path that will lead you back to your sacred wild self.
I look forward to seeing your rise into your vibrance, your power, and your joy! ~Blessings~

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