Are You Ready To Release Those Things That Hold You Back From Your Vibrance?

The ego is the part of us that works to protect us from death.

While avoiding physical death is a good thing, avoiding the death of a behavior, or identity that no longer serves us is detrimental. The ego’s fear prevents us from releasing parts of ourselves that no longer serve our evolution.

The ego is afraid of letting any part of us fall away because it views that falling away as death.

From a physical standpoint there are healthy fears that keep us safe from physical death (fear of jumping off of a bridge; fear of stepping into roaring flames, etc.), but the ego does not recognize the difference between physical death and the death of a past identity/behavior.

The ego fears change, period.

Learning to distinguish healthy fear, from the ego’s fear of change is an important first step in rediscovering our sacred wild self.

When we are able to connect with the divine, tap into our body’s wisdom, and learn to trust the process of letting go, then we begin the process of stepping into a fuller, more vibrant identity.

Breathe deeply. Feel deeply. Know deeply. And with faith, step boldly into your authentic, unshakeable self.

If you are seeking more guidance in this process, private message me. Blessings.

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