There’s A Fire In My Pelvis & A Waterfall In My Heart

Water is life. Today the spirit of the falls was running fast and strong singing its radiant water song into my heart and bones, while simultaneously whispering to my soul a reminder that I am woven into the fabric of Earth. My primal nature is my home-the place I feel most alive, and most present. How do I carry you with me into the city, sacred ones? How do I sing my heart song in the midst of all the fabrication of an industrial society? I breathe and ground. I sit in circles with others, and meditate alone in the early morning. I tap into the presence of my body song- the subtle guidance that moves in this animal body within which I exist in this world. I stay wild as I appear tame. There’s a fire in my pelvis and a waterfall in my heart. I am a contradiction and a resonance of knowing. Like a flower, I continuously bloom into the ever-present now.

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