Really Caring For Yourself (Hint: It’s not about bubble baths!)

Taking the time to care for ourselves is important. It means more than just eating healthy, or indulging in a leisurely bubble bath. When we are truly caring for ourselves we honor the “yes” and the “no” we feel in every cell of our body.

Some people call it intuition. Tuning into that subtle hearing/feeling sense found in our body is primal. It is where we connect with our wild self. When we tune into this vibration, this inner guidance, we slip into alignment. We make choices that resonate with our deepest, most aware selves.

Are you tuning into your body? Do you know how to connect with that guiding voice at the center of your being that loves you unconditionally? Or are you disconnected from your body, from your wild primal self? Does every decision feel like a wobble, and is every new step taken in fear?

Learning to listen to the subtle “yes” and “no” resonating in our body is important when we use our your voice and our body to express ourselves. Being able to align with our heart’s guidance allows us to claim our place in the world; It allows us to take up space, and discover freedom in every breath.

If you are disconnected with your body, don’t know how to connect with your intuition or your primal guidance, and long to live a life more connected to your inherent power and grace as a women, then private message me to set up a discovery call. We need as many women to awaken as possible during this time on our planet! Love you! Suzy Hawkfire (Suzette Winona Summers)

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