Make Space For That Which Nourishes You

When was the last time you nurtured yourself? When was the last time you did something in a conscious loving way for yourself? Do you know that you deserve to be nourished and honored as a goddess? Do you know how important it is to love yourself in this way?

I know we often crave this attention from others… often people we are in intimate relationships with, but do you realize it is your responsibility to give yourself what you deserve in life?

At first it may feel weird. Perhaps you fear being selfish, or you feel silly. The truth is, it is foolish to treat yourself any other way other than divine. When you are in alignment with the truth of WHO YOU REALLY ARE you realize that you must honor yourself; you must nourish yourself; it is ungrateful to treat yourself in any way less that holy.

If you feel like you need permission, then let me give it to you. Make space in your life for those things that sing to your heart; those things that resonate in your soul; those things that make you feel free and wild like a piece of the divine fabric of nature.

Make space for those things because they are portals to your relationship with the divine creator. They are portals to a connection with your truest self. You are so worthy of this love and appreciation.

If you want to go deeper, and learn more about how to honor that sacred wild woman within, private message me to see if you are a fit for my program. Blessings…

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