If You Want To Grow, You Must Let Go!

So often we cling to relationships or situations that don’t serve us. We do this because on some level we know what we are dealing with; it is familiar. Unfortunately, when we cling to something that is not working, then we are part of the problem.
In order to let in new life and new experiences, we have to let go of something. A relationship. An opinion. A home. An object. The safety of what we have always known.
This can be really scary, and this is where faith comes in handy. Do you trust in a source of all life? A divine creator? A loving entity who is looking our for your highest and best interest? It doesn’t matter what you call it, only that you have a belief in something greater.
The world is built upon reciprocity. We let go of one thing; we receive another. The leaves drop in autumn, winter comes, and new growth sprouts. The delicious fruit is consumed, only to leave a seed which will then grow a new plant. The perfect egg shell cracks open to reveal a tiny bird, who then grows up into an adult with strong wings and flies away.
If you want to grow, you must let go of something.
If you are tired of clinging to your old identity, your toxic relationship, or your own dysfunctional behavior, then private message me so we can set up a discovery call.

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