Are You Experiencing Overwhelming Feelings Of Loneliness?

Are you experiencing overwhelming feelings of loneliness? You know, the kind where even in a room full of people you feel alone? It’s as if there is a huge whole, or something missing, and its absence is like a gnawing hunger.

In an effort to escape these feelings, have you settled for people to fill that space that you knew weren’t the best for you? And then later, regret it? And ask yourself, “What was I thinking?”

Quick fixes may take the edge off for a little while, but often afterwards we feel like we dug ourselves deeper into a pit of consequences.

Did it ever occur to you that what you are seeking, is not outside of yourself, but within? Did it ever occur to you that what you are longing for is a deeper connection with yourself and source through you?

If you are fed up with being let down by other people’s inabilities to satisfy that longing within you, and you are ready to do the work required to forge a deep, lasting, transformational relationship with yourself, private message me.

All you seek resides within you, and I can show the way. You are worthy.

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