Is The Woman You See In The Mirror Reflecting The Woman Within You?

Putting on a happy front was so important when I was married. I didn’t want anyone to know how broken I felt, how fearful I was, or how hopeless I had become. I didn’t want pity, but I needed help.

Overwhelming shame and feelings of being trapped in my own think became unbearable. Finally, I prayed for a solution, and I miraculously found someone who had been where I was. She served as my guide back to my inherent strength, power, and wisdom.

She believed I carried all the answers within, and stood by me and guided me as I discovered the truths within myself. She shared tools, and showed me how to use them. She listened to my fears, and guided me back to source for answers. Without her love and direction, I would not have come as far as I have. I owe her so much, and the best way I know to honor her is to pass on her love and guidance to others.

There have been others I have worked with and learned from after her, but she was the first person I trusted at that time.

Today, I grow and share with love and expansion. Today, I welcome adventure… both in the world, and within my own soul. Today, I am expanding. Today, the woman in the mirror reflects that woman within me.

If isolation and shame have become your cage, and you are ready to fly free, and find the love within you, private message me. You deserve to feel free. You deserve to share in the collective benefits of community and strength. You are not alone. You are worthy. Love, and sacred wild blessings, Suzy Hawkfire (Suzette Winona Summers)

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