Repeating the Same Behavior Over and Over?

Do you find yourself showing up in situations repeating the same behavior over and over again? Do you wonder why you keep getting into the same relationship dynamics with different people? You know, the situations where you are giving everything, becoming an emotional contortionist to please them or not trigger them?

Are you frustrated by these patterns, but unclear as to why you keep attracting, and being attracted to this type of person?

We develop patterns of thinking and being over time, and when we want different results we need to look in the mirror. The common denominator in all of our relationships is ourself.

Why have we tolerated unacceptable behavior? Why do we find ourselves attracted to angry/needy/toxic people? Why does it feel more comfortable to be with someone unstable, than someone confident and kind?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Have you been searching for the answer? In order to find the answers to these questions you need to journey into yourself, perhaps all the way back to childhood.

It is time to learn another way. It is time to change thought patterns. It is time to shift from focusing outside of yourself, to focusing inside of yourself. If you want a change in your outer world, you must first focus on your inner world. It is time to devote yourself to you. You are worthy!

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