Speaking Your Truth

What does it feel like to speak up for yourself? Do you speak your truth with confidence, or are there always those other little inner voices you need to overcome in order to speak up?

Does your inner voice say things like, “That sounds stupid,” or “Don’t make a fool of yourself,” or “You’re going to make them mad.”

That inner voice has many names… ego, parasites, judge, inner critic. Its intent is to protect you, but ultimately it holds you back from speaking your truth, living in the moment, and freely expressing yourself on many levels (speaking up, creating, stepping out into new endeavors, meeting new people, etc.).

Living the life of your dreams requires that you learn to bypass, step around, or move through that voice of fear.
Here are some steps you can take:

First, you must acknowledge the presence of that fearful/critical voice.

Second, you commit to trying something different (not listening to It).

Third, choosing to listen to a new optimistic empowering voice.

Fourth, and finally, acknowledge your successes. When fear arises and you step out in spite of the fear to do something or say something different than was typical, then that is a success!!!

~Blessings~ You are worthy!

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