Keep Reaching For the Light

Real Talk: Once we rediscover ourselves, have we arrived? NO WAY! Rediscovery occurs over and over… it is a process of BE-ing… there is always more to be revealed!!

The difference is that when we are sitting in the dark with our disempowered, negative thinking, lost and afraid, we are sitting alone with no tools.

Once we begin to heal, open up, let others in, then we gain tools to make changes in our life–we build a porch to sit, reflect, and drink tea–we create a sanctuary of ancestors to guide us when we are lost–we develop a deep relation ship with creator/the divine/god–we establish a framework of rituals to support us on our journey.

As we continue on our journey, we gain more tools to discover emerging parts of ourselves, and uncover parts that were hidden away deep in our secret hearts.

Will we never be sad or hurt again? Of course we will experience pain and sadness… that is part of this human journey. BUT we will realize that pain is inevitable, and suffering is optional.

The difference is that we will recognize our patterns and see where our brains are going… those familiar neural pathways do not change over night. As we become AWARE, we begin to notice, first as it is happening, then before we sink into a dark place. We are able to shift our thinking quicker the more we practice.

This rediscovering is a practice we integrate into our lives EVERY DAY, IN EVERY WAY. A practice of AWARENESS, INTENTION, IMAGINATION, and ACTION.

If you are seriously ready to change your life, and begin this journey of rediscovery, then please private message me to schedule a discovery call. We can explore if you are ready to take the first step in transforming your life. You are worthy! Love and blessings, sisters… Suzy HawkfireπŸ™πŸ½

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