Going Forward

This is a poem I wrote that was published in the 2016 in the We’Moon Date Book.

So often, after having survived toxic relationships there is a gnawing fantasy of going into the past and choosing differently.

We wish we left sooner, or we wish we chose a different partner, or we wish we had said or done something differently.

While we were in the relationship, we became an emotional contortionist attempting to keep everyone happy. The only thing our maneuvering did was to give us a false sense of control, suck every last drop of energy from us, and perhaps prove to ourselves that we gave the relationship our best try.

Then, finally, we let go. At least physically. Unfortunately, parts of our emotional or mental body hang on to the past.

There is no stepping into the past–It is a waste of time and energy to fixate there. We can only move forward.

If you are finally ready to sever the cords that bind you to the past, and want to seriously change your life, then private message me to schedule a discovery call. You are worthy. 🙏🏽

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