One bad phone call, or someone flipping you off while driving can ruin a day that had been previously flowing gracefully. Suddenly, your mood changes from happy and easy to irritable and angry. You allow one thing to completely derail you from all of the good things that were creating your day beforehand.
Instead of moving on, and keeping your vibration high, you give your power over to the bad news, or the angry driver. You allow yourself to be robbed of joy. It happens in an instant, but you allow it to last throughout the rest of your day.
When sh*t happens, we have an option. We are NOT obligated to allow it to ruin our day. We, as sacred wild women, have choices. We can choose to not take it personally. We can choose to see our part in it, and be gentle with ourselves. We can laugh it off. We can pray.
Choosing to respond differently than we have been trained to respond takes conscious effort and observation. Taking responsibility for our thoughts and responses is imperative.
Once we see what is happening within us we can choose to let go. Creating a ritual for letting go can aid us greatly in the process.
Ritual does not have to be “woo woo.” It can be as simple as taking a deep breath, holding it for a few seconds, and slowly exhaling through our mouth. (That is one of my favorites.) You can also burn sage to clear the energy in your space. Or you can visualize wrapping up the negative energy/vibration in white light and returning it to sender. 😊

It doesn’t matter what form it takes, simply that it is done, so that your precious energy field is not disrupted for too long. Try one of the above solutions, and let me know how it works. Or if you have another suggestion, share it below. ~Blessings, Sisters… ~Suzette

Photo by Brittany Colette on Unsplash

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