Have You Given Everything In You To Make Your Relationship Work?

Have you given everything in you to make your relationship work?

Have you exerted all of your energy to make sure everyone in your life had their needs met?

I remember doing this… thinking I was so selfless and righteous. That mindset broke me. I remember feeling like a shell of who I once was…

I became irritable with my loved ones, and felt tired all the time… so depleted.

When I couldn’t stand being where I was anymore, I realized I needed to become radically honest with myself. I did some deep inner exploration and realized that all of my giving was not as selfless as I thought it was. When I really looked deeply enough at my motivations I saw that I was giving to everyone else in an attempt to be loved.

I was not giving without any expectation of a return… I wanted something… I wanted them to do things for me… I wanted them to be honest… I wanted them to stop cheating… What I really wanted I was to be loved. I thought I had to do something, or be something to be loved. I didn’t realized love was a gift to be given freely. I thought I had to earn it. AND I thought those around me should give their love to me because of all I did for them.

Once I became radically honest with myself, I realized that the person I really needed love from was myself. It was time to start prioritizing my needs and wants, and to give from the abundance of my own cup that was running over with love and energy. I stopped giving from a lack mentality, and began giving from an abundance mentality.

The truth is: when you take care of yourself first… love yourself first… THEN you have enough to give to others without having any expectation of getting anything in return. Also, when you put yourself first, you don’t find yourself doing things that you regret, or overextending yourself because you begin to learn your boundaries. Just some tidbits from my experience. We are powerful, sisters! You are worthy.

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~Sacred Wild Blessings~ Suzette Winona Summers (Suzy Hawkfire)

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